The modern Greek theatre

Kyveli developed a special relationship with Greek playwrights as her choices were based on the modern Greek repertoire and focused on its promotion.

1908 saw the inauguration of her collaboration with Gregory Xenopoulos when she asked the playwright to adapt the short story Kokkinos Vrahos (Red Rock) because she really liked the heroine’s character. Hence was born Fotini Sandri which would become a major triumph for the star (01/08/08). The play remained in the company’s repertoire for many years and it was repeated several times, the last shows being played between 7-13 May 1923. This amazing success inspired the author to conceive the young heroines that would become the focus of his playwriting during the 1920s.

Xenopoulos became like a resident playwright for Kyveli’s troupes, providing a new play nearly every year for the next two decades. (Rachil {Rachel}, Peirasmos {Temptation}, Psychosavvato {All Souls Day}, Cherouveim, Monakrivi {The One and Only}, Zevgaroma {Mating}, O Eros Thriamvevei {Love Triumphs}, Pepromena {Destinies}, I Exadelphi Mou {My Cousin}, Maritana, To Anthropino {The Humane}, I Trimorfi Gynaika {The Triple Figured Woman}, I Diki Tou Thanasi {Thanasis’ Trial} and others). After 1920, his plays were played by Kyveli’s daughters, Miranda and Aliki.

Pandelis Horn collaborated with Kyveli and her theatre company from 1910 to 1934 (O Anthropos Mas {Our Man}, Findanaki {The Young Plant-alluding to a pretty young woman}, Dalmanopoula, Oi Nikimenoi {The Vanquished}, Fiorella, To Mavro Karavi {The Black Ship}, I Anatolitissa {Woman from the East}, Oi Geitonisses {Neighbours}, Meltemaki {Etesian Wind}, Scrap etc) and developed a strong personal friendship with her. Kyveli christened the playwright’s son and important future stage actor, Dimitris Horn, while his other son Giannis was also placed under the family’s protection.

Spyros Melas was also inspired by Kyveli and became established because of her. His plays (To Kokkino Poukamiso {The Red Shirt}, To Halasmeno Spiti {The Ruined House}, To Aspro kai to Mavro {The White and The Black}, Mia Nihta,Mia Zoi {One Night, One Life}) were staged for the first time by her company. Kyveli also presented plays by Theodoros Synadinos, Alekos Lidorikis and other Greek playwrights.