Kyveli’s Residence – Summer 2021

The charming Kyveli’s Residence, built in 1870, is a rare example of Mediterranean bourgeois architecture.
The warm welcome awaiting our visitors is a wonderful opening to the creative life of a historic dramatic actress and a window of discovery to the remarkable achievements of 20th century theater for European cultural life. Photos and portraits, costumes and love letters, sundry memorabilia from the dressing room of the strikingly beautiful 16-year old theatrical prodigy who sweeps the loving admiration of the crowds packing the municipal ‘Apollo’ theater.
On the terrace, under the starlit sky shining over the busy commercial port, visitors will enjoy the 20-minute video: “The Struggle For Liberty From Inside Our Dressing Armour”, and in the exhibition inside the museum they will share the pride of the historic figures, military as well as artistic, who inaugurated the fight for freedom in 1821, exactly two hundred years ago.

Visiting hours: Monday – Sunday 10:00 – 14:00 & 20:00 – 23:00 / Closed on Wednesdays
Entrance fee: 5 € / free entrance for children under 10 years old
Address: Leonidou 4, Hermoupolis
Tel: 22810 85730 (available only during visiting hours)
Facebook: Οικία Κυβέλη Σύρος / Kyveli’s Residence

11th Animasyros • Pitching Forum

Three animation productions that were selected during the 1st Athens Animation Agora will be presented at our institute within the framework of the Pitching Forum (actions solely for accredited professionals ).

Friday, 28th of September / 16:30 hrs – 18:30 hrs

The Actress Kyveli “improvises tonight” • Clio Muse Tours

We are delighted to offer you the FIRST digital tour of the capital of Syros through our collaboration with the unique Clio Muse platform! 46 stories “narrated” by 20th century’s prominent theatrical figure Kyveli Adrianou, introduce 11 important spots in the town of Ermoupolis. At the same time they provide information on some of the most interesting events & “secrets” of our great stage actress’ life and the environment that inspired / marked them!

Syros Tour: The Actress Kyveli “improvises tonight”

130 years since the birth of Kyveli Adrianou (1888-2018)

On May 9th, (Europe Day), our Institute presented a wall painting that street artist Paris Xyntarianos Tsiropinas was commissioned for. This “walk in a fresco” celebrates 130 years since the birth of Kyveli Adrianou (1888-2018). It includes prominent personalities of culture – some of which were either born on the island of Syros or were directly related to it : Dimitris Vikelas, Kostis Bastias, Dimitris Myrat, Kyveli Theochari, Mitsos Myrat, Kyveli Adrianou, Georgios Papandreou, Marika Kotopouli, Konstantinos Christomanos, Aliki Paul Nor, Miranda Myrat and Luigi Pirandello. It is visible to passers-by through the Spartiaton Street gate.

The actor is an unsettled and unruly spirit. His instrument is his body. His voice comes from within and the words he speaks belong to others. Words of prose or words of poetry, words of free thought. Words that must reach as far as the gallery, as far as the last ear.
This year we celebrate one hundred and thirty years since the birth of the great Kyveli, since the beginning of neo-greek theater. We honor the actors, all of them, for their momentary existence on the stage.
In the mural that envelops us Paris Xyntarianos Tsiropinas has captured scenes and faces. With a stroke of his brush he has exchanged their imprint on time with his imprint of colour and the triumphs of their era with this radical form of Street Art. From the dystopia of the mural, Kyveli looks on to him. She is contemplating how the ephemeral art of the theater can instantaneously become a painted representation. She applauds. She mutters a flattering comment, a comment of gratitude for the cultural surroundings of the past, of which we are now a part of. Welcome!

10th International Animation Festival + Agora – Pitching Forum @ Kyveli Institute

For the first time the “Animasyros Pitching Forum” (10th International Animation Festival + Agora) hosted, at “Kyveli Institute”, 6 Greek related projects presented at an international audience in September 2017.

Images from the presentations.