Events – Exhibitions

Thalasea – Theater – Deities • Exhibition 2023
27/05/2023-27/10/2023 | Syros-Hermoupolis | "Kyveli Institute"
Photography - Installation - Narration
The Struggle For Liberty From Inside Our Dressing Armour • Exhibition 2021
Syros-Hermoupolis | "Kyveli Institute"
Exhibition of Summer 2021 (200 years since the Greek Revolution: 1821-2021)
Celebration of October 28, 1940 by the “ΕΝ. Ε. Ε. ΓΥ. – Λ.” Syros’ Special School
28/10/2018-28/10/2018 | Syros-Hermoupolis | "Kyveli Institute"
11th Animasyros Pitching Forum
28/09/2018-28/09/2018 | Syros-Hermoupolis | "Kyveli Institute"
Presentation of 3 under production animated film projects selected during the 1st Athens Animation Agora.
“Loukoumi” – A Theatrical Monologue
20/08/2018-21/08/2018 | Syros-Hermoupolis | "Kyveli Institute"
Presentation of “Loukoumi” a thaetrical monologue by Yiannis Konstandinidis directed by Yiannis Skourletis/bijoux de kant.
Manos Eleftheriou • In Memoriam
10/08/2018-10/08/2018 | Syros-Hermoupolis | "Kyveli Institute"
An evening of poetry dedicated to the memory of Manos Eleftheriou with recitations of extracts from his works. From his personal archive.
May 9th, Europe Day • Celebrating 130 years of the Kyveli Adrianou myth (1888-2018)
09/05/2018-09/05/2018 | Syros-Hermoupolis | "Kyveli Institute"
On May 9th, (Europe Day), our Institute presented a wall painting that street artist Paris Xyntarianos Tsiropinas was commissioned for. This "walk in a fresco" celebrates 130 years since the birth of Kyveli Adrianou (1888-2018). It includes prominent personalities of culture - some of which were either born on the island of Syros or were directly related to it : Dimitris Vikelas, Kostis Bastias, Dimitris Myrat, Kyveli Theochari, Mitsos Myrat, Kyveli Adrianou, Georgios Papandreou, Marika Kotopouli, Konstantinos Christomanos, Aliki Paul Nor, Miranda Myrat and Luigi Pirandello. It is visible to passers-by through the Spartiaton Street gate.
Celebration of October 28, 1940 by the “ΕΝ. Ε. Ε. ΓΥ. – Λ.” Syros’ Special School
28/10/2017-28/10/2017 | Syros-Hermoupolis | "Kyveli Institute"
A special Theatrical Play -created for the occasion by the teachers and pupils of the school- was presented at the Institute premises.
Animasyros 10 – Pitching Forum
27/09/2017-01/10/2017 | Syros-Hermoupolis | "Kyveli Institute"
For the first time the "Animasyros Pitching Forum" (10th International Animation Festival + Agora) hosted -at "Kyveli Institute", Hermoupolis- 6 Greek related projects presented at an international audience.
“My Life”: Book Presentation
22/08/2017-22/08/2017 | Syros-Hermoupolis | "Kyveli Institute"
Actor Mitsos Myrat: "My Life", an autobiography, presented by Prof. Andreas Dimitriadis who also read several excerpts.
Floating Theatre
01/07/2017-30/09/2017 | Syros-Hermoupolis | "Kyveli Institute"
Dimitris Harissiadis (1911 – 1993) Ten windows display of his work
01/07/2017-30/09/2017 | Syros-Hermoupolis | "Kyveli Institute"
In collaboration with the Benaki Museum Photographic Archives - Dimitris A. Harissiadis Archive
Invisible Silence: Presentation of Titika Vlachopoulou’s poetry collection
01/08/2016 | Syros-Hermoupolis | "Kyveli Institute"
In collaboration with "Gavriilidis Publications" and "Vivliopontikas" Bookstore-Syros.
Yesterday and now: Conversing with myths, ghosts and historical persons
09/07/2016-31/12/2017 | Syros-Hermoupolis | "Kyveli Institute"
A TRIBUTE TO SYROS/Elsa Charalampous, visual artist, professor at the Department of Product and Systems Design Engineering, at the University of the Aegean, participates with her computer artwork.
1915-2015…100 years of passion, theatre, war
01/07/2015-30/09/2015 | Syros-Hermoupolis | "Kyveli Institute"
Exhibition: 1915-2015...100 years of passion, theatre, war/Film Projection: The daughters of chaos/Photographical Panorama: 100 years since the Great War.
The daughters of Chaos awarded at the CNSP 51st conference
05/12/2014 | Italy-Agrigento | "Teatro Luigi Pirandello"
"Centro Nazionale Studi Pirandelliani", Agrigento 51st conference.
The daughters of Chaos
08/11/2014-09/11/2014 | Athens | "Greek Film Archive"
An "AGON" film festival participation.
1914-2014…100 years of passion, theatre, war
01/07/2014 | Syros-Hermoupolis | "Kyveli Institute"
Theatrical memories
Syros-Hermoupolis | "Kyveli Institute"
Syros between East and West
01/07/2012-15/09/2012 | Syros-Hermoupolis | "Kyveli Institute"
“L’ uomo dal fiore in bocca” by L. Pirandello
25/01/2012 | Athens | "Ionian Centre"
Starring A. Antonopoulos.
A thousand and…one CARE
05/07/2011-06/07/2011 | Athens | "The Bath House of the Winds"-Plaka
Charity event backing "Frontida", an International Family Supporting Institution.
Love’s bankruptcy
01/06/2011-31/10/2011 | Syros-Hermoupolis | "Kyveli Institute"
“Zeugma’s last days”: 9th DVD of the Archeological Film Institute
13/05/2011-15/05/2011 | Syros-Hermoupolis | "Kyveli Institute"
Celebrating the "International museum evenings".
Kyveli and 4 Mediterranean nobelists-A pleasant conversation: Albert Camus, George Seferis, Ohran Pamuk, Luigi Pirandello
15/07/2010-30/08/2010 | Syros-Hermoupolis | "Kyveli Institute"
Theatrical calendars-Miranda Myrat
01/08/2009-31/08/2009 | Syros-Hermoupolis | "Kyveli Institute"
From Argentina to Syros: Trading leather (Exhibition) & Live music by the Cherrie trio
17/05/2009 | Syros-Hermoupolis | "Kyveli Institute"
On the occasion of the "International museums' day".
Kyveli meets Kostis Bastias/Hermoupolis 1918-Athens 1938
20/07/2008-31/08/2008 | Syros-Hermoupolis | "Kyveli Institute"
Kyveli-Dimitrios Vikelas, A meeting…Hermoupolis 1820-1920
01/07/2007-31/08/2007 | Syros-Hermoupolis | "Kyveli Institute"
The “Greek National Theatre” 7th annual Academy/Atmospheres: performances by Katerina Evangelatou
24/06/2006-09/07/2006 | Syros-Hermoupolis | "Kyveli Institute"
Pirandello all’ Improvviso
Athens | "Ianos" Bookstore
Theatrical Performance on the occasion of the launching of Sophia Iordanidou’s book: “The role play” (inspired by Pirandello’s relation to the Greek theatrical world) directed by Memi Spyratou.
Magna Graecia: Athletics and the Olympic Spirit of the Periphery of the Hellenic World
23/06/2004-02/10/2004 | Syros-Hermoupolis | "Kyveli Institute"
In collaboration with the "Museum of Cycladic Art" also presenting Folk Music of Agrigento by the "Akragas Folk Group".
Rebel Women: Staging Ancient Greek Drama Today
07/03/2003-08/03/2003 | Dublin | Trinity College
The Institute’s president meets Robert Joyce and suggests a programme entitled “From Homer to James Joyce”.
Six characters in search of an author by L. Pirandello
30/01/2003-18/05/2003 | Athens | "Greek National Theatre"
The Institute’s president attended the performance, saluted the production and congratulated the performers.
Floating Theatre
05/09/2002-09/09/2002 | Syros-Hermoupolis | Hermoupolis’ Old Carnage
As the “Centro Nazionale di Studi Pirandelliani”, Agrigento branch for Southeastern Europe and Cyprus in collaboration with the “Centre for the Study and Research of Greek Theatre-The Theatre Museum” and the “Hermoupolis Municipality”.
Luigi Pirandello & the Mediterranean, Sicily-Syros-Cyprus
05/09/2002-09/09/2002 | Syros-Hermoupolis | "Kyveli Institute" & "Apollon" theatre
As the “Centro Nazionale di Studi Pirandelliani”, Agrigento branch for Southeastern Europe and Cyprus in collaboration with the “Centre for the Study and Research of Greek Theatre-The Theatre Museum” and the “Hermoupolis Municipality”.
Theatrical Memories’ Space-Kyveli’s Memorabilia Space
30/06/2002 | Syros-Hermoupolis | "Apollon" theatre
Personalities of Cyclades
26/05/2001-27/05/2001 | Syros-Hermoupolis | “Apollon” theatre
In collaboration with the "Centre for the Study and Research of Greek Theatre-The Theatre Museum" and the "Hermoupolis Municipality".
CuBES-Cultural Biennale for European Southeastern Countries
20/10/2000-24/10/2000 | Thessaloniki | "Museum of Ancient Greek, Byzantine, and Post-Byzantine Musical Instruments/Aristotle University of Thessaloniki"
The Sea
Athens | "Municipal Art Gallery" (Former "Foundling Hospital of Athens")
On the occasion of celebrating 50 years from the "Hellenic Maritime Museum" foundation, in collaboration with the "Athens Municipal Art Gallery".
“Kyveli Institute” Foundation
01/02/1999 | Athens | "Serafetinidou Carpet & Kilim Collection"