An extended theatre family

The two theatrical camps would not remain airtight for long however. Mitsos Myrat, Kyveli’s first husband would be the erosive factor, unifying the two families at the macrohistorical level. Being related to both protagonists, Myrat bequeathed the Greek theatre with descendants who marked its course up until the 1980s. As we have seen, Kyveli had two children with Myrat. The future leading lady and actor-manager Miranda, and Alekos who, despite studying as an architect could not avoid joining the trade and married another protagonist of the “National Theatre”, Rita Tarsouli (who is none other than Rita Myrat).

In the meantime, Myrat had already found an erotic antidote to Kyveli’s treason at the enemy camp, the Kotopouli family. In 1908 he married one of Marika’s sisters, Chrysoula Kotopouli-Myrat who was also an actress. The fruit of this, Mitsos Myrat’s second marriage, was Dimitris Myrat, an actor, director and theoretician who was Dimitrios Kotopoulis’ (end of the century actor, theatre manager and father of Marika Kotopouli) grandson, Marika’s nephew, and the half brother of Miranda, Aliki and Alekos. Kyveli’s theatrical generation does not stop here: two more of her descendants would become involved with the Greek theatre, the two granddaughters of Kyveli and Mitsos Myrat namely, Miranda’s daughter Kyveli Theohari and Aleko’s and Rita Myrat’s daughter Kyveli Myrat (also known as Kyvelitsa-Little Kyveli).