New blood at Kyveli’s theatre company: Miranda and Aliki

During the 1920s, in an effort to stay apace with the developments in the theatre that had increased the need for a stage director, Kyveli hired the French “regisseur” Albert Rouland.

A great actor Aimilios Veakis also collaborated with the company while the theatres managed by Theodoridis witnessed the rise of two new stars: Kyveli’s daughters Miranda and Aliki Theodoridi, who were allowed by her to play her favourite parts from 1923 onwards.

There were no major changes in the repertoire, and the boulevard theatre remained dominant.

Kyveli’s Company staged Pirandello (The Rules of the Game, Man, Beast and Virtue, 1927), Shaw (The Heroes, 1924) and Molnar (Olympia, 1929). Meanwhile she played in Ibsen’s Hedda Gabler (31/01/21) and had successes with Russian plays by L. Andreyev (Anfisa), M. Artsybashev (Jealousy) and L. Tolstoi (Kasatka).