The mythical Kyveli

“Kyveli Institute’s” logo represents a statuette of the ancient goddess Kyveli (Cybele) which was the name engraved on the precious locket around actress Kyveli’s neck when she was found as an abandoned baby.

Kyveli was the Phrygian goddess of land, vegetation and fruitfulness, of motherhood and fertility, the mother and nurse of gods and people, who held them in her bosom both when they came to life and when they departed it. She was also the mistress of the mountains and wild beasts, the protector of cities and social institutions and the Lady of divination and medicine. In Ancient Greece, the worship of Kyveli was linked with the worship of Dionysus who was also very popular among the lower classes during ancient times. Kyveli was also seen as having common traits with Gaia, Dimitra, Aphrodite, Athena, and Artemis. She was also linked to Adrasteia and Nemesis but was identified with Rea, the Mother of the Gods according to the Greeks’ official Olympian religion.
Kyveli was also worshipped in Rome and Western Europe as Magna Mater (Great Mother), Mater Deum (Mother of Gods) and Mater Turrita (Mother bearing castles).